About Us


BEAR W/ ME CLOTHING is a black owned business out of Vallejo California established in 2020. When CEO Carl Barnes Jr first printed this design on clothing, he was just thinking about the moment and not the bigger picture. Steadily thinking about all the situations he’s faced along the way and what this brand has brought to his life with the power of healing behind the label. He didn’t have any meaning behind my brand until the lives closest to him were taken away at a young age. He wanted to keep their names alive while pursuing a better, and successful lifestyle. Growing up in Vallejo, we deal with a lot of different obstacles you don’t expect or think you would have to deal with. Despite it all, we will continue to strive to make it, become successful, and represent the culture that we’ve came from.

BEAR W/ ME CLOTHING is a clothing brand that represents having strength, courage, and being pure. As humans, we all are naturally stereotyped just like bears are. The first thing people think about a bear is that they’re dangerous and attackers when they really are intelligent, caring, and bring comfort to life. We all had good times and we all have had bad times but when you put on BEAR W/ ME CLOTHING you’re going to feel great every time. Hibernate, regroup and choose BEAR W/ ME CLOTHING as your everyday wear!